Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pastor Son's Sons

The Communists who infiltrated in South Korea sparked local rebellions, which led to the martyrdom of Christians. Among those Christians were Tong-in and Tong-sin, the sons of Pastor Son, the minister of a Presbyterian Church.

Tong-in and Tong-sin have been persecuted by the Japanese for refusing to worship at a Shinto shrine. In October, 1948, the Communists seized the school. One communist pointed a pistol at Tong-in and forced him to renounce his faith. Tong-in preached to the Communist and asked him to accept Christ.

Suddenly, Tong-sin, the younger brother, came into the scene and shouted, “Shoot me and let my brother live!” “No,” objected Tong-in. “I am the elder. If you must kill someone, shoot me.” The Communists killed them both. When Pastor Son viewed the bodies of his sons, he only said, “Their shining faces are as lovely as flowers.”

After the uprising, the murderers of the two brothers were brought to trial. Pastor Son hurried to the military authorities and said, “Nothing wil bring back my boys now, so what is to be gained by killing this one? I am willing to take him and try to make a Christian of him so he could do for God what Tong-in and Tong-sin left undone.”

The military officers were stunned, but they finally agreed to the pastor’s wish. Pastor Son took the two murderers home. The parents of the Communists were overcome with gratitude that they begged to feed and dress Pastor Son’s daughter. The daughter was hesitant to go, but Pastor Son told her, “It is the best Christian witness that you can make.” And she agreed.


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