Friday, June 30, 2006

I am a soldier of Christ (Roy Pontoh)

It was in January, 1999. Fanatic Muslims were coming to attack a group of Christian teens who gathered in a university for a Bible study meeting. The older men decided to hide the teens. Cars came to rescue the young people, but there were no enough cars for them. Four adults left the children to get more cars, but they did not return. The men were attacked by the Muslim crowd and two of them were killed.

Before long, the mob reached the University. They found many of the teens and forced them to come out of hiding. Roy Pontoh was forced from his hiding place and made to stand before the mob.

“Renounce your Jesus or we will kill you!” they threatened. Roy was terribly frightened. Though trembling, he answered, “I am a soldier of Christ!” At this, one of the Muslims attackers swung a sword at his stomach. The sword hit the Bible Roy held and ripped into it, knocking it out of his hand. The man's next swing sliced open Roy's stomach. His last word was “Jesus.”

The mob dragged Roy's body out and threw it in a ditch. Four days later, his family found it. Even though they are wrecked with grief, Roy's parents stand proud of their son, who stood strong in his faith to the end.


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