Friday, July 14, 2006

My God, forgive these brothers (Lucien Botovasoa)

During a civil war in Madagascar, Lucien refused to take up arms to kill the innocent on account of his faith. He was threatened, but he persisted. Finally, he was condemned to die. Before being killed, he asked his executiners for a moment to pray. The executioners left him alone for some minutes and heard him say, "My God, forgive these brothers."

Sixteen years later, Lucien's executioner came to a French missionary and told him, "Father, it is I who killed Lucien Botovasoa seventeen years ago. Before dying, he told me, 'When you really need me, I will be close to you.' I know that he is here. Baptize me, Father, for I will die soon." The executioner was baptized, and he soon died afterwards.


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