Friday, July 07, 2006

Pastor Romulo Saune

Romulo Saune was a popular preacher in Peru. He translated the Holy Bible into the Quechua language for the Peruvian aborigines. Before his martyrdom, he visited his hometown, where his grandfather, Pastor Justiniano Quicana, was murdered by the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) rebels, an armed group of Marxist terrorists. There, they celebrated the anniversary of the Church. Then, he returned home with other members of the congregation.
The Sendero Luminoso rebels stopped the bus where Pastor Romulo Saune and his fellow Church workers were riding. The terrorists waved their guns at the Church workers and commanded them to get out of the vehicle.
Pastor Saune reacted quickly. He boldly told the rebels, “God loves you and I love you. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Even now, God is willing to forgive your sins because He loves you. The blood of the Lord Jesus can clean and purify your souls.”
The Marxist rebels listened to the Gospel, being presented by the Pastor. But they were interrupted by their leader, who told the Christians, “You are guilty of fooling people with your religion. Today, you are being judged.” Then, he opened fire on them, killing four of them. Pastor Saune died saying, “God, I love you! Jesus, I love you!”
A friend of his said, “He was very young to die, but in his short life he achieved so much for God and his work must have been finished when God called him home.” Romulo was only thirty-nine. Three months before his death, he received an award from the World Evangelical Fellowship.
Pastor Saune’s martyrdom spurred Peruvian Quechua Christians top new heights of faithfulness. Church growth is expected to continue after his death.


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